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Vincent Boot - Tales from AtlantisTracklist:
1. Es Vedra
2. Tales From Atlantis
3. Sacred Treasures (Feat. Eternal Love)
4. Turtles
5. Code
6. The Healing Garden (Remix)
7. Daydreaming (Feat. Eternal Love)
8. Bodhi
9. Back To The Orient
10. Euphrates
11. Magic Grail
12. Forgiven

Are you ready to take a trip to a magic world?

You can order the CD with beautiful artwork created by Viktoria Iskulova at the record store or buy the new album on iTunes now.

All tracks are mixed & mastered by my talented friend Konstantin Karpitsky (Eternal Love).

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“Vincent is not only a beautiful person, he is also a gifted musician who follows his heart and if you listen to his music you can feel that. Enjoy!”

~ Sandra Reemer, The Netherlands

The magic is in the air

“These melodies are very relaxing and bring you to another, beautiful world”

~ Edith, United Kingdom

Vincent Boot, a skilled composer and piano player from the Netherlands

“He managed to accomplish with his music what happens to me not very often: he stopped the world for a couple of minutes, allowing me to just close my eyes and FEEL the music.”

~ Leonie, Germany

a poetry of sounds

“Vincent’s music is an endless inspiration: a poetry of sounds. The music represents his beautiful soul.”

~ Albert, Belgium

 ”His music is a real Universe of Peace!

“I love his music! It’s a real Universe of Peace! Very calming and relaxing! Vincent is a very talented pianist. Strongly recommended for those who like beautiful and relaxing piano & instrumental music! :).”

~ Konstantin, Russia

Beautiful chillout music

“Walking through a Labyrinth of feelings and thoughts with Vincent Boot.”

~ Maxim, Russia

Are you ready to let the magic of Vincent’s music touch your heart? These beautiful melodies are a journey to another universe. Relaxing chillout piano lounge and world music filled with healing energy for the soul. Every song is pure and is created straight from the heart!

“Welcome to the Universe of Peace”

P.S. If you have any question or would like to contact please send a message to info@vincentboot.com