Es Vedra – single reviews

Here you can read some reviews about my Es Vedra single released in june 2016. I got insipired  by this magical place when I visited Ibiza earlier that year. Es Vedrà was also released on my chillout album ‘Tales From Atlantis‘.

Es Vedra: El canto de las sirenas…

Vincent Boot Es Vedra

Nuevo sencillo del compositor de música new age, Vincent Boot.

Así como el género y la tapa del sencillo lo anticipan, es un tema muy sereno, con sonidos de las olas rompiendo en la playa, algunas aves marinas cantando (debería ser el Halcón de Eleonor, pero la verdad mi oído no esta tan entrenado en esta área como para distinguirlo), mientras la melodía del piano de Vince nos relajan y casi sin percibirlo cerramos los ojos, despegándonos del mundo terrenal.

Así como Es Vedrà, es una isla deshabitada y solitaria, llena de mitología y magia (se dice que es el hogar de las sirenas que intentaron atraer a Ulises en la Odisea de Homero), el tema significativamente es un sencillo, corto y mágico.

Eso sí, es indispensable un disco entero o al menos un Ep con varias canciones, porque apenas empezamos a soltarnos ya nos hace volver a encontrarnos con la realidad, y esto en tan poco tiempo lo que genera es violencia, porque no terminamos de salir de un estado mental que ya nos caemos nuevamente en otro.

La magia está en el aire…


Es Vedra: FEEL the music

This one takes you right down to the water. You’ll be able to feel the nature surrounding you. You’ll be able to opt out of the world for three minutes.

Tonight isn’t about the usual beat and dance tune, guys. I stumbled upon a great piano track by Vincent Boot, a skilled composer and piano player from the Netherlands. He managed to accomplish with his track what happens to me not very often: he stopped the world for a couple of minutes, allowing me to just close my eyes and FEEL the music.

Vincent Boot Es VedràOkay, he helped a bit with nature sounds, in this case a mixture of waves reaching the shore on a sunny day, combined with chirping birds, winds, and everything else you’d expect from a scenery like that. But in my opinion this piano masterpiece would have worked it’s way into my brain without those effects as well. Supported by a very defensive synth soundscape, the piano is played smoothly and with exactly the right amount of presence throughout the whole song. I really like how skilled the track is mixed in a less-is-more-fashion.

Quite frankly, I cannot tell you anything about technique, or writing of a piano piece. But I do know this: when listenting to that kind of chillout music, I’m actually able to relax, and this has become rare lately. You should give it a try as well.

Boot created this track being inspired by the isle of Es Vedrà, located only a few hundred meters off the northern shore of Ibiza. Stunning what effect places like these have on the human mind. In this case, it was the starting point of beautiful music.

Vincent Boot has been around for quite some time in the music business, be it as a solo pianist or with singers, be it with creating chillout/soundtrack tracks or within other genres. His soundcloud account is stacked with examples of his work, and I strongly recommend to check out his works there as well, you won’t regret it.

Tales from Atlantis – by Jana Willems

Tales from Atlantis Vincent Boot

Tales From Atlantis

Tales From Atlantis by Vincent Boot is the story about mythological inspirations and the prehistory of mankind. A legend – Tales From Atlantis – tells us that mankind has lived on a higher energetic level in the past and we are far removed from this level in the current times we live in. Now a challenge starts for us to live together in a totally different way.

At this moment our society can grow to a higher level to restore the balance. The balance between the consciousness of mankind and her psychic atmosphere of inner space and the external biological nature of matter and time.

Currently we really are in the phase of pre-Atlantic situations of searching for pure energy and a new world view of awareness, discernment and communicative connecting insights into peace.

Music from the heart

Tales from Atlantis Vincent BootVincent Boot’s album Tales from Atlantis is deeply inspired by this. His whole life revolves around that theme. He creates music from the heart. And now we express it together and we are hoping to be able to inspire people that a society with nature and insight into diversity is necessary and an enormous beauty, a beauty which can also be found in nature itself.

The touching beauty of his music from the heart will take you on a spiritual journey through a magic world. It brings you into the atmosphere your soul is longing for. We really hope to inspire you all for a long time.

Are you ready to take a journey through a magic world?

We invite everyone to go on this journey through a magic world. Make the inner journey until your soul can completely express your feelings. All of your feelings…. Yes you, you, you, you and you… all of your sensations. Because every feeling tells a bit more about the journey we all are making.

A journey through a magic world in which we all can live together and there is still space for nature, children, the elderly, animals, plants, pure air and water … you name it, and everyone can say  ‘this is me and this is also my home’.

Coming home is what we want to share and that is what Vincent Boot his ‘music from the heart’ is all about: welcome to the Universe of Peace!

Written by Jana Willems

The album Tales From Atlantis is available on CD now. You can listen to  music samples of every track on the website.

piano album – The Soul Flowers

Vincent Boot The Soul Flowers piano album
The Soul Flowers, a piano album by Vincent Boot

piano album The Soul Flowers by Vincent BootThe whole idea of creating  “The Soul Flowers” piano album started a few years ago. I wanted to go back to where it all started for me: improvisation on some basic chords and play the notes which came up in my mind on that perticular moment.

As a pianist I am giving piano concerts for more then 10 years now by doing piano improvisations on famous covers.
And i always got so much positive feedback about my piano improvisation talents… so “The Soul Flowers” concept was born: piano melodies – straight from the heart.

Piano improvisations inspired by Prince

For this album I was influenced by Prince, my all time favourite musician who passed in 2016. He was great in improvisation on all different kind of musical instruments and i was honoured to be on some of his exclusive aftershow concerts back in the days. The last concert tour he gave was “The piano & a Microphone” tour: beautiful piano improvisations of his own work.

So I imagined these amazing memories & atmosphere when I recorded the piano pieces for “The Soul Flowers” and the melodies start flowing easily through my mind. I recorded some long, late nite music sessions and now you can hear the result on this piano album.
Vincent Boot The Soul Flowers

Some of the tracks like the title song “The Soul Flowers” I had to edit to make it fit on the album concept, because the original version is more then 10 minutes long, like some other tracks on the album which were even longer.

This time i did it all by myself: from recording the piano tracks to creating the artwork for the album and my russian friend Konstantin Karpitsky (heart & soul of “Eternal Love”) helped me with some nice mastering work.

I’m happy to say that we are working on an amazing new, Chillout piano Lounge project together at the moment. Working title “Atlantis”.  More info about that in the near future!

piano album The Soul Flowers

Get your copy of my piano album The Soul Flowers now!

  • Buy “The Soul Flowers” piano album on CD

Reading these words above and listening to my music you have become a part of my musical journey. Thank you so much for that… I appreciate it a lot!

You can write something personal below this page, drop a private message on social media or send me an email.

It’s because I believe that when people supporting dreams of each other they will become reality much faster! Thank you very much for your time and support!

With positive energy,

Vincent Boot








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a Mystical Island (near Ibiza)

Es Vedrà

By Jinny Throup (link to article:

As many of us know, Ibiza has a reputation for being an island of mysteries and without a doubt, the greatest one of all is the beautiful and majestic Es Vedra.

Standing at almost 400 metres high, this uninhabited rock island made of limestone is situated 2km off the west coast of Ibiza, in the Cala d’Hort area.

Shrouded in myths and legend, Es Vedra is said to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet (after the north pole and Bermuda Triangle). Some geologists claim this is not the case, yet there is no denying the way navigational instruments tend to go haywire in the vicinity of Es Vedra, and it is almost impossible to get a direct compass reading. Even homing pigeons get confused whilst flying over the island, often completely losing their sense of direction.

Popular myths surrounding Es Vedra include that it was the home of the sirens and sea-nymphs who tried to lure Ulysses from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey, and also the birth place and holy island of the Phoenician goddess, Tanit.

It is further said that part of Es Vedra was used to build the Pyramids in Egypt, as the limestone rock is claimed to hold a maximum concentration of energy, similar to that of the Pyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island and, certainly, many people become conscious of a mysterious force that surrounds the area, making it a favourite place for meditation and other spiritual practices.

But perhaps one of the best known myths surrounding Es Vedra is that it is, in fact, the tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis. The natural cave of Atlantis, in the bay directly opposite Es Vedra, can be visited by the more persistent of visitors…its precise location is a closely-guarded Ibiza secret and to reach it involves quite a challenging trek. There are no signposts and no maps to Atlantis, but those who do manage it are rewarded by its peaceful and spiritually inspiring ambiance, and beautiful art left by previous visitors, including an image of the god Shiva, proclaimed protector of the cave temple.

Many people claim to have seen UFOs hovering above Es Vedra, and some even believe that there is a secret UFO base under the sea, with Es Vedra being a gateway or navigation beacon. Unidentified Swimming Objects have also been reported to lurk in the surrounding waters, and circles of light emerging from the sea have often caused local fishermen and many boat captains to avoid the area.

Still this mysterious and beautiful rock, which stood in for the volcanic island Bali Hai in the 1958 musical, South Pacific, is generally considered to have positive healing and creatively inspiring energy.

So next time you are visiting Ibiza, make a wish as soon as Es Vedra comes into view, and let the island’s magic do its work. Then as you leave, a salute to Es Vedra (preferably by drumming) will ensure you will always be welcome to return!

Echoes of Moments

Mini Me

I was born on a cold winter day, in a beautiful southern city in The Netherlands, called Breda. Later I moved to some other places close to Breda, but at the age of 20 I moved back to Breda and I’m still living here.

At a very young age I was already interested in music but also in writing stories and creating things. It all started with writing little, funny stories or poems to make people laugh. Unfortunately I don’t have much of these stories anymore, because I gave them all away as presents back in the day. I remember my own Christmas story which was hilarious and where people were still talking about many years later. But I also remember a poem I send to a dutch newspaper, and they published it and called me a professional writer at the age of 9.

Pure Energy

When I was about 10 years old we got an old piano. I started to play songs from the radio and started writing my own songs. I am a big fan of Prince and one of the first songs I learn to play myself on the piano was “Purple Rain”.

In my early twenties I met Isabelle Mangine, still one of my closest friends and we started to write songs together. I composed and played the music and she wrote and sung her beautiful lyrics. This was a very creative and productive time together. Late nineteens we recorded “Pure Energy” and “Friends” in a studio together. “Friends” was about our close friendship and still is one of my favourite songs we wrote together:

For years I didn’t do anything with music or with my creative talents. I had some regular jobs but I always felt that something was missing in my life. One day I couldn’t take it anymore and so I had to quit my job. I had these dreams for years about writing my own music and give professional gigs. I never had enough selfesteem to take this step before, but now my heart said it was the right time.

Beams of a Rainbow: Following my Heart

Everything (front cover)This was the best choice I made in years! I started recording lots of music and started to give piano gigs which made me feel alive and very happy. I recorded my first album “Everything” with some professionals (the producers from Caro Emerald) and some very talented musicians (Ana Patan, she is a very talented guitarist, singer/songwriter from Germany and Bianca Jonkers, who is a professional flautist). My sister Maaike Boot (Little Smilemakers) made some beautiful artwork and a CD booklet for this release. I got some very positive reviews about my first album from all over the world, and they praised me a lot for my musical diversity.

(Beams of a Rainbow – demo version)

In 2009 I met Kitty Valk, a very talented actress and singer who also lives in Breda and we recorded a lot of beautiful Dutch poetic songs together. Kitty wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music for these songs. This project was called “Zielenzucht”. We did a lot of great gigs together and we keep doing this… it’s a lot of fun together! So… we became close friends. 🙂

Universe of Peace

In 2010 I was asked to write a Soundtrack for a theater project called “New Energy Movers”, a special project about personal growth. I created a mix of Chillout, Ambient, World Music and… lots of piano melodies, like the track “Universe of Peace”.

Vincent-Boot-The-Guardian-AngelIn 2012 I met Sandra Reemer, who is a famous Dutch singer and tv presenter. We became close friends and started working together on “De Muzikale Beleving”, an exclusive reading with music. Sandra was giving these readings and I supported her musically. It was a lot of fun to do this together and I learnt a lot in this period, because Sandra was giving me a lot of personal support, I was growing stronger personally. And I am still very thankful for that!Vincent Boot & Sandra Reemer - Ave Maria

In 2014 Sandra Reemer released a limited CD single: Ave Maria (Bach Gounod), which included an excellent guitar version played by Roel Jongenelen and a piano version by me. Again my sister Maaike Boot (Little Smilemakers) made some beautiful artwork for this release, and also for my New Age single “The Guardian Angel”, which I released in that same period.

In 2013 I started working with a great singer… but I like to tell you more about this collaboration in the future.
The same year I started working with Gugu Ghazarian, a professional guitar player from Iran who lives in The Netherlands now.

The Healing Garden

Vincent-Boot-Gran-CanariaIn 2015 I released the instrumental album “Junk DNA” where you can hear his beautiful guitar play on the funky tracks “Gugu Beats”, “Before the Fall”, “Funky Ship” and on the bluesy track “Crossroads”. We are still recording new tracks together and I hope to release some of them in the near future.

On Junk DNA you find also some New Age, Chillout piano tracks: “Vortex” and “The Healing Garden”. I got so much positive feedback all these years on my relaxing piano tracks, that I have decided to follow this musical path now: creating more music in this genre. So I released a Chillout remix of the “The Healing Garden” as a new single in the spring last year and in juni 2016 I released the single “Es Vedra”after my visit on this magical, energetic place in Ibiza. My dream is to go back to Ibiza and doing some live gigs there!

For now I am working on a new piano Chillout – Ambient – Lounge album… so stay tuned!

Reading these words above and listening to my music you have become a part of my musical journey. Thank you so much for that… I appreciate it a lot!

But I feel that it’s unfair that you know more about me now than I know about you. It would be great if you would like to share your story or dreams with me: you can write something personal below this page, write a private message on social media or send me an e-mail.

It’s because I believe that when people supporting dreams of each other they will become reality much faster! Thank you very much for your time and support!

With positive energy,

Vincent Boot