Vincent Boot is a neo-classical artist who presents enchanting tranquil music. Unveiling his gift as an expressive composer, the multi-talented producer, pianist & composer, creates music that is soothing to the soul. In addition, Vincent is also the creator of Zen Music Planet, in which he produces stimulating instrumentals for a peace-filled presence.

Born & raised in the Netherlands, as a youngster, he was inspired by the eclectic artist Prince, and “Purple Rain” became the first song he learned to play on the piano. Motivated by Prince’s diverse musical style, it helped Vincent to fulfil the art of experimenting with various styles.

Over the years, as he perfected his craft as a pianist, he found his passion for Neo-Classical Music and has a deep devotion for serene and soothing melodies.

Since becoming a professional composer, Vincent has performed at numerous piano events and has recorded and released music with singer & TV presenter “Sandra Reemer,” who represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. Penetrating a blissful emotive rhapsody,

Vincent Boot’s artistic flair has given him the pleasure of working with a variety of artists across the globe. Musicians such as American flautist, Shere Fraser, composer Konstantin Karpitsky (Eternal Love) from Russia, and Romania’s pan-flute player, Mariana Preda to name a few.

Recently presented with awards from “One World Music Radio”: “Es Vedra – Flute Version” (best Piano with Instrumentation single of the year 2022) and awards for “Magic Oceans” (2nd place Best New Age single 2022), Healing Journey,” (best single for May 2023). Both tracks released under  Zen Music Planet.

The program creates stimulating music for a host of mindfulness programs such as meditation, yoga, and Reiki. As a professional composer, he has also produced music for various multimedia businesses, notably, movies, documentaries, and advertisements.

Vincent Boot is an artist whose music communicates a healing effect to a wide global audience. Currently, he is working on New Age/Lounge music and there is a lot more to come from the musical narrator.
Vincent Boot