The Soul Flowers – piano album

The Soul Flowers, a piano album by Vincent Boot

piano album The Soul Flowers by Vincent BootThe whole idea of creating  “The Soul Flowers” piano album started a few years ago. I wanted to go back to where it all started for me: improvisation on some basic chords and play the notes which came up in my mind on that perticular moment.

As a pianist I am giving piano concerts for more then 10 years now by doing piano improvisations on famous covers.
And i always got so much positive feedback about my piano improvisation talents… so “The Soul Flowers” concept was born: piano melodies – straight from the heart.

Piano improvisations inspired by Prince

For this album I was influenced by Prince, my all time favourite musician who passed in 2016. He was great in improvisation on all different kind of musical instruments and i was honoured to be on some of his exclusive aftershow concerts back in the days. The last concert tour he gave was “The piano & a Microphone” tour: beautiful piano improvisations of his own work.

So I imagined these amazing memories & atmosphere when I recorded the piano pieces for “The Soul Flowers” and the melodies start flowing easily through my mind. I recorded some long, late nite music sessions and now you can hear the result on this piano album.
Vincent Boot The Soul Flowers

Some of the tracks like the title song “The Soul Flowers” I had to edit to make it fit on the album concept, because the original version is more then 10 minutes long, like some other tracks on the album which were even longer.

This time i did it all by myself: from recording the piano tracks to creating the artwork for the album and my russian friend Konstantin Karpitsky (heart & soul of “Eternal Love”) helped me with some nice mastering work.

Vincent Boot The Soul Flowers piano album

I’m happy to say that we are working on an amazing new, Chillout piano Lounge project together at the moment. Working title “Atlantis”.  More info about that in the near future!

piano album The Soul Flowers

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Reading these words above and listening to my music you have become a part of my musical journey. Thank you so much for that… I appreciate it a lot!

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