Tales from Atlantis – by Jana Willems

Tales From Atlantis

Tales From Atlantis by Vincent Boot is the story about mythological inspirations and the prehistory of mankind. A legend – Tales From Atlantis – tells us that mankind has lived on a higher energetic level in the past and we are far removed from this level in the current times we live in. Now a challenge starts for us to live together in a totally different way.

At this moment our society can grow to a higher level to restore the balance. The balance between the consciousness of mankind and her psychic atmosphere of inner space and the external biological nature of matter and time.

Currently we really are in the phase of pre-Atlantic situations of searching for pure energy and a new world view of awareness, discernment and communicative connecting insights into peace.

Music from the heart

Vincent Boot’s album Tales from Atlantis is deeply inspired by this. His whole life revolves around that theme. He creates music from the heart. And now we express it together and we are hoping to be able to inspire people that a society with nature and insight into diversity is necessary and an enormous beauty, a beauty which can also be found in nature itself.

The touching beauty of his music from the heart will take you on a spiritual journey through a magic world. It brings you into the atmosphere your soul is longing for. We really hope to inspire you all for a long time.

Are you ready to take a journey through a magic world?

We invite everyone to go on this journey through a magic world. Make the inner journey until your soul can completely express your feelings. All of your feelings…. Yes you, you, you, you and you… all of your sensations. Because every feeling tells a bit more about the journey we all are making.

A journey through a magic world in which we all can live together and there is still space for nature, children, the elderly, animals, plants, pure air and water … you name it, and everyone can say  ‘this is me and this is also my home’.

Coming home is what we want to share and that is what Vincent Boot his ‘music from the heart’ is all about: welcome to the Universe of Peace!

Written by Jana Willems

The album Tales From Atlantis is available on CD now. You can listen to  music samples of every track on the website.

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