A Better Life – donate money

“A Better Life” is my new piano track. All streaming incomes and royalties I will donate for a better life for the Rusu family in Romania. 🙏

The living conditions for the ‘Rusu’ family in Romenia is horrendous. The house they live in does not have running water, no toilet and no heating. The small pension they have does not allow them to provide in any normal standard of living.

Ms. Rusu has to undergo cataract surgery in the short term. Without this operation, she will go blind. But there is no money to pay for this important surgery. She is in poor health and is a sugar patient. At the end of last year she had complications from lack of proper medical care in Romania, which meant that part of her foot had to be removed.

I would very much like the living conditions to improve for the Rusu family.

Any help, tips or ideas that contribute to a better life for the Rusu family are very welcome! You can donate money for the cataract operation of Mrs. Rusu. And for improving the home, so that water and a toilet can be installed in the house.

You can donate money to account number NL88INGB0656468149 in the name of F.D. Rusu.

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