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Vincent Boot - Inner CircleSingle Review Vincent Boot’s “Inner Circle”

Chill out and Lounge Piano.
Review written by Kerry Barnes (New Age Music Planet).

This track “Inner Circle” is part of a trio, composed, performed and recorded by the very talented young man who is Vincent Boot.

I am immediately soothed by a honey-glazed sound world. A warm and inviting ascent captures my imagination. A treasure trove of effects
come to the fore, and I’m getting vibesof felt-piano, recorded pedal-mechanism, (lovely and squishysounding) which punctuates perfectly and end-of-phrase harmonies vibratevery naturally, and are allowed to live their full life and bleed into the next set of notes. Never will you hear a bulge in tone, just beautifully rounded edges wrapped insilver veils.

Vincent occasionally inserts ‘irregular’ note counts in the right hand, something like 5 or 7 against 4 etc, which is very cleverly done. Love it!!
This beautifully recorded piece delivers not so much melody, but rather a texture with muted colours, and the fact that there are only really 2 chord-
placements to decorate, AND capture our attention is nothing short of brilliance!!!

I could listen to this music over anover again, (in fact I think I will later), it’s masterful chill-out and fits that brief completely. I will dream a very beautiful dream, that’s for sure. The black mandala wheel of the artwork, presents contrasts in opposition, with it’s pointed verses soft circular edges and rustic bells hang-in there, waiting to be heard. Take a bow Henny van Erp Taalman Kip!! (the artist)

In closing, Vincent conjures up an atmosphere of total bliss, keeping the pedal down to the end so as not to miss out on the sound of open-5ths, and what sound like ‘harmonics’ on an acoustic guitar. 3.29 of an exceptional musical treat, thank you so much Vincent!!

We want much more of this in the very near future, from a very forward thinking composer indeed!!


Inner Circle tracklist:
1. Inner Circle
2. Hidden Message
3. Sound of Silence

Stream Inner Circle:
Artwork picture by Henny van Erp Taalman Kip

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