Vincent Boot – New Energy Movers

Vincent Boot - New Energy Movers

Vincent Boot – New Energy Movers

“New Energy Movers” aka “101010” was released on october 10th 2010 in The Netherlands, Oosterhout (Theater De Bussel).

It was recorded as the soundtrack for a theater piece about personal growth.

This soundtrack took the attention of the famous singer and dutch TV presenter Sandra Reemer and after listening she approached me for working together. This was the start of a special collaboration and close friendship.

Universe of Peace

Watch the official video for “Universe of Peace“.


On the track “Birth” you can hear my nephew Quenten Boot who was a few months old back then.

Falling Leaves

This is a re-worked version of the track which I released earlier on the piano EP “Forever”. Here you can watch the video of the track “Forever“.


The track “Options” was released a few years earlier and became number one on the Chillout Chart top 100 on Beatport.

Also 2 remixes of this track by Dulac & Dubois exist.

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