Vincent Boot & Shere Fraser – Hope & Peace

Shere Fraser & Vincent Boot - Hope & Peace

Shere Fraser & Vincent Boot – Hope & Peace

– Listen to “Hope & Peace” on Spotify.

I’m excited to share I have another release with the very talented flautist/composer Shere Fraser. “Hope & Peace” is live on all streaming platforms.

It’s our heart’s desire to bring peace and calm into this troubled world through our music.

We are giving a portion of the royalties to help HERO SOCIETY, Humanitarian Emergency Response Operations. They are helping with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

You can learn more about them here:

We hope you will enjoy listening!

Stay tuned for the full video, release date: this friday, june 3rd!

Single review from Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio

“There is always a time for peace, and that time is now, this quite beautiful new single by Shere Fraser & Vincent Boot encapsulates that desire with great ease, and the mellow tones that flow from both the flute and piano gift us a reverie that Hope & Peace may actually one day become a reality, not just a wistful dream.

This symbiotic presentation is filled with such a tender mood and essence; one can only take pleasure at the duel performances by both Boot and Fraser. The gentle and fluent progression of this creative composition is a delight to listen to, and a sanctuary of calm to escape too when needed.

A portion of the royalties for this single are also being donated to support a Canadian charity who are doing humanitarian work in the Ukraine, they care called Hero Society, so why not check them out too:

Link to review:

Shere Fraser wrote:

This composition is an expression of our heart’s desire to share peace and calm in this troubled world. 🌎☮️💙💛🇺🇦

Here’s a personal message from Shere:

– Listen to the beautiful music of Shere on Spotify.

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