Vincent Boot – Tales From Atlantis

Vincent Boot - Tales From Atlantis

Vincent Boot – Tales from Atlantis

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Review by New Age Music Guide:

“Atlantis will rise again,” American poet Charles Olson said.
Listening to Vincent Boot’s album “Tales from Atlantis”, that utopian island – which has fascinated humans for over 2 000 years – seems near and almost close enough to touch.

Its alluring and spellbinding force is present on each of the 12 pieces, making the album ideal for relaxation and meditation. In a time when few can travel, listening to “Tales from Atlantis” is an interesting, enjoyable, and profoundly rewarding experience.

It – and the over 20 singles Vincent Boot has released over the last two years – establish him as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists on the New Age music scene.

Vincent Boot is a singer, songwriter, and pianist. He debuted in 2007 with the album “Everything”. He has performed and released music together with famous world star, singer, and tv presenter Sandra Reemer. The album “New Energy Mover” followed in 2010, and “Junk DNA” in 2015.

“The Soul Flowers” (2017) is his solo piano debut. Vincent also creates compositions for movies, documentaries, and advertisements.

Es Vedra

The album opener is called “Es Vedra”. The Ibiza island of Es Vedra is perhaps not Atlantis, but its form is reminiscent of the allegorical isle.

“Es Vedra” starts with the relaxing sound of birds chirping and gentle waves. Then we hear the warm-sounding piano. Initially, it seems like a gentle and soft-spoken melody, but soon we realize that there is a surprising emotional depth here, too, dwelling right under the surface – which fits perfectly with the Atlantis theme.

“Es Vedra” is a fantastic start to the album; unpretentious and heartfelt. It leaves the listener wanting more.

The title track takes the album in a new direction. It has a hint of chill and even some 1980s synth keys that make me think of Clifford White’s classic “Rain Trek”;
“Tales from Atlantis” is that good. The light rhythm, the piano harmonies, and the enigmatic female whispering in the background make this into something out-of-this-world amazing.

Sacred Treasures

On “Sacred Treasures” artist Eternal Love is also credited.

It is a light piano piece with some delicate textures, a nice violin, and a quite alien synth lead. The percussion is also nice. In sum, it feels a bit like discovering a musical treasure.

“Turtle” is easily one of the finest pieces on the album. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with it on the first listen; it is a jewel, pure and simple. It makes the magical world of turtles come to life before our inner eye.

“Code” is something quite different. It has a quite dark yet laid-back atmosphere. I love the intricacy and coolness of the arrangement – plus the wonderful textures. Fans of Curtis Macdonald will feel right at home. It is the longest piece on the album, but I promise you that you will not notice it. “Code” makes time fly.

The Healing Garden (Remix)

“The Healing Garden (Remix)” takes the listener to a dreamy place with a touch of smooth jazz.

Talking about pleasant visions: “Daydreaming”, which also features the above-mentioned Eternal Love, refines the idea of musical relaxation. The analog synth sound is marvelous.

The reflective “Bodhi” gives time to contemplate everything we have experienced so far while enjoying this fine album.

As indicated by the title, Boot has a lot of mystique in store for us. “Back to the Orient” has a carefree atmosphere. Here we can sense the artist’s talent for creating music for movies and TV. This piece would have been perfect for a travel documentary; its adventurous vibe is contagious.

“Euphrates” refines the idea of traveling even further. The mix of Asian string instruments and synth leads is great.

We are near this journey’s end, but that does not affect the music’s artistic qualities.

“Magic Grail” reminds me of John Adorney’s music, and it shows that Boot is a master in the making – before “Forgiven” signs off the album splendidly. The melody has a nice touch of melancholy. It does a fine job in portraying the different stages of forgiveness and leaves the listener feeling emotionally recharged.

In conclusion:

“Tales from Atlantis” by Vincent Boot is from start to finish a delightful, compelling, and well-made release.

The piano-based melodies flow effortlessly, giving the album an approachable, easy listening quality.

Boot has a remarkable talent for composing uncomplicated pieces that also have depth, substance, and attitude. It is not just “pretty”, it is storytelling. From Plato’s works to Boot’s music, the allegorical island of Atlantis is as alluring as ever.

If you can’t get enough of “Tales from Atlantis”, Alexander Tarasov has three remixes. Also, Vincent Boot has released many singles over the last two years – including the EP “Inner Circle” – which is also highly recommended.

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